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We understand that a new learner is excited, nervous, and sometimes anxious, so we do our best to make the lessons fun and stress free.

We specialize in nervous drivers, and we can help anyone improve their confidence behind the wheel.

Driving instructor with over 3 Decades of successful tuition experience

Obtaining your driver’s license is a great accomplishment.

Getting help from an instructor can provide benefits in terms of perfecting your skills and improving your confidence, all to make sure

you get that license the first time you try.

Lessons are given in a one-on-one setting to ensure that you’re getting the attention you deserve.

We offer a safe and friendly environment where you can learn to drive with confidence.

Our goal is to provide the best standard of driver’s training and improvement of driving skills for everyone, from the complete beginner to experienced drivers, and for those who are looking for a change of career in the driving industry.


Over 30 years Experience

Desmond Hedman is the director of Deside2Drive

Desmond Hedman

Director Deside2Drive


From a family of driving instructors with over 50 years of successful tuition experience.

The company has a high pass rate because of the excellent tuition given.

Deside2Drive offers a professional and comprehensive service that is second to none.

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