The UK government has launched a consultation on “Driving Tests: Improving Availability and Processes” to gather public input on proposed changes to the driving test system. The consultation, accessible at, aims to address issues related to test availability, examiner recruitment, and overall processes.

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Key proposals include increasing the number of driving test examiners to reduce waiting times, enabling more people to access driving tests quickly. The government is also considering allowing third-party organisations to conduct driving tests, which could create greater capacity and flexibility in the testing system.

Additionally, the consultation examines potential changes to driving test practices, such as allowing a single examiner to conduct multiple tests simultaneously. This could increase examiner efficiency, further reducing waiting times. The government is also considering implementing a digital check-in process, which would streamline test administration.

Public input is crucial for shaping these proposed changes, and the consultation document invites responses from a wide range of stakeholders, including learner drivers, driving instructors, and motoring organisations. The government encourages interested parties to submit their views and experiences through the online survey or via email by the specified deadline.

In summary, the UK government is seeking public feedback on proposals aimed at improving the driving test system’s availability and processes. The consultation focuses on increasing examiner capacity, expanding test providers, and streamlining test administration to reduce waiting times and enhance overall efficiency.

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