The UK government’s official website,, has released a news update concerning a driving examiner strike scheduled for April 2023. As part of the ongoing industrial action taken by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), driving examiners are planning to strike in protest against working conditions and pay. The strike is expected to last for two days, causing potential disruptions to driving tests and impacting learners who are eager to obtain their licenses.

driving examiner strike scheduled

In response to the strike, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has been working diligently to minimize disruptions and rearrange affected driving tests. The DVSA is urging affected candidates to stay updated on the status of their tests by checking their emails and the DVSA’s online services. The agency has also reassured learners that their test fees will be refunded if their test is canceled due to the strike.

The strike’s impact is expected to be significant, with thousands of driving tests at risk of cancellation or rescheduling. As a result, it is crucial for learners and driving schools to stay informed about the situation and adapt their plans accordingly. The government and DVSA continue to closely monitor the situation and work towards resolving the ongoing dispute between driving examiners and the PCS.

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